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For the trainings: Anusara® Yoga Immersions & Teacher Training in 2019 please send me an email to arrange a phonecall or arrange an appointment wit me at Balaiana
In this way we could clarify all your questions and talk about your yogaexperience.



If you want to participate in the Training, you should already practised Anusara® Yoga and know the method, either with Elke or other Anusara™ Certified or Inspired Yoga teachers. A regular Yogapractise of a minimum of 1-2 years in any style of Yoga is required.

D The Anusara® Yoga Immersions (100 teaching hours) consist of a of an upbuilding series of workshops, to convey a deeper understanding of the complex art of yoga. During this intense time we practice and learn together and deepen your own practice. Every student, who wants to make yoga part of his life, will enrich the deep knowledge and experiences of Immersions and the teacher Training.
 The Immersions are suitable for those who want to get to know the diversity of yoga. For yoga teachers who want to experience Anusara® Yoga as well as for future yoga teachers. The Immersions are a prerequisite for students who become yoga teachers and subsequently want to attend the Anusara® Teacher Training.


Deepening of yoga practice and philosophy.

Main Aspects of the Anusara® method

  • the 3 A’s as the basis of yoga practice
  • Intensive Asanapraxis
  • Ethical Guidelines
  • The Universelle Principles of Alignment™

  • Deepening and Refinement of the Principles of Alignment™” in philosophy, theory and und practice
  • Basis and Open to Grace
  • Muscular and organic energie
  • The Fokuspoints
  • Spirals as secondary energy flows
  • basic form and optimal Blueprint
  • Applied asana anatomy

  • Insight into the yoga therapy
  • Principles and anatomy of breathing
  • Pranayama and meditation
  • The 7 Loops at the vertical level of alignment
  • The relationship between Yoga & Ayurveda
  • The Anatomy of the Subtle Body – Koshas, Prana, Vayus
  • Anatomy of the subtle body: – Nadis and Chakras
  • Pranayama/Bandhas
  • Philosophy

  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy – Historical Overview
  • Classical Yoga Philosophy: Yoga philosophy in everyday life, the teachings of Pantanjali
  • Fundamentals of Tantric Yoga Philosophy / Cosmology –
    the attributes of the absolute (Cit, Ananda, Spanda, Purnatva, Svantantrya, Shri, Sat)
  • Tantric philosophy and cosmology – the Tattvas
  • Overview of the History of Yoga Philosophy, Classic Yoga and Samkhya, the 3 Gunas
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Tantric Yogaphilosophy:
    The 5 Acts of Shiva, the 3 Malas,
    The ancient texts of kaschmiric Shivaism

    If you’ve completed Anusara Immersions for at least 100 lessons, you can join the 100-hour Anusara® Teacher Training, which focuses on the art of teaching.

    D The Anusara® Yoga certification takes place in 3 stages:
    1. Anusara® Elements ™ 2. Anusara® Inspired ™ 3. Anusara® Certified ™
    After completing Immersions, Teacher Training, and written confirmation from Elke Svitek, you will be able to register for the Anusara® Elements ™ Teacher.
    More info at:
    The total training is 200 hours in total and additionally fulfills the RYT® 200 standard of the Yoga Alliance / USA.


    Providing basic knowledge and elements to teach.

    The call to teach

  • The honor of teaching yoga
  • Teaching as Seva: Teaching to serve the students
  • The higher intention of the teacher
    Accept the teacher’s seat
    Vocabulary and techniques for guiding a class sequence

    Linking language
    Wording and Vocabulary
    Directional language
    Direct and indirect instructions
    Active instructions and passive instructions
    Affirmative guidance
    Use of the voice

    The art of observing

    See the good – philosophical foundation and practice
    Choose a home base and use it optimally
    To perceive the student and personality type


    Guide breathing and movement
    Teaching the breath in the Anusara method in terms of philosophy


    Verbal Adjustments
    Physical Adjustments
    Anatomical knowledge for Adjustments
    Principles of Touch: The different types of physical contact

    General topics

    Classic ethical guidelines
    Ethical Guidelines for Anusara Yoga Teachers
    Ethical guidelines for the teacher-student relationship
    Teach in different cultural settings
    Business aspects of yoga


    IMMERSIONS & Teacher Training 2019

    You can book the whole training or Immersions & the Teacher Training separately
    The price includes:

    – Cost of the Yoga Training
    – 3 meals per day

    – Accomodation in a shared double room (single rooms only on request and with additional costs of 200,-€ per week)
    Doesn’t include:

    – Transportation to / from the Airport (can be arranged from Olbia for 70,-€ one way)
    – Additional food and beverage outside of the meal plan
    – Required reading books (see below!)

    Early Bird Price Whole Training: Immersions & Teacher Training

    booking and full payment required until 3 month prior start of the training

    Regular Price Whole Training

    booking later than 3 month prior start of the training

    first deposit of 500,-€ required with the booking, final balance due prior one month before start of the training.

    only Immersions 100 h

    first deposit of 500,-€ required with the booking, final balance due prior one month before start of the training.

    only Teacher Training 100 h

    first deposit of 500,-€ required with the booking, final balance due prior one month before start of the training.