Why do we experience stress, depression or anxiety? Encounters with certain people in our lives or the occurrence of problems and challenges have a deeper reason. If we understand more about our mind and the essence of our soul, we can find answers that lead us to true peace, love and happiness.

An Akasha Chronic Reading/ Readinig can be a loving support on our way. It can help us to deal with difficulties, trauma and blockages and to transform them.

Akasha is a word from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language and means “space / field / ether”. The energy and essence of everything is preserved in the field of the Akasha Chronic. It is also called “world memory” or “the book of life”. Material things, i.e. things with a form and shape, as well as non-material things like our thoughts, feelings, etc. are contained in it. The Akasha Chronic does not only store information of the respective moment, but it contains all information, every thought, every action, every development that has ever taken place since the existence of this universe.

A reading in the Akasha Chronic is nothing more than an energetic dialogue between you and this field.
In a reading you have the opportunity to get personal answers to your questions.
The information you receive serves primarily to support you in your personal and spiritual development.
Karmic causes, spiritual entanglements, past lives, the present life and references to patterns and learning experiences can be shown. The content of an Akasha Chronic reading cannot make decisions for you but serves the best possible development of your soul and not necessarily your human needs.

The Akasha Chronic can give you information about:
– The current life situation
– Health issues
– Important decisions
– Potential and self-development
– relationship questions
– Emotional entanglements
– Bindings from the past
– Past lives
– Recurring dreams and patterns
– life’s work

The reading will help you to understand and dissolve the patterns and blockages that are holding you back until now, to live your full potential for growth, joy, love and personal goals.
An Akasha Chronic reading is not divination or interpretation of the future. From the Chronic we can receive information for our personality development.
Karmic causes can be shown, spiritual entanglements, past lives, the present life and references to patterns and learning experiences.

How does an Akasha reading work?
– With your permission, I will first open your Akasha Chronic.
– Then you briefly rewrite your topic and ask your question.
– If you are not quite sure what exactly you want to ask, we will work out the priority topic/question together.
– You can ask your question(s) yourself or have them asked by me.
– I will give you the answers from your chronic exactly as I received them.
– If you are unclear, you can ask or ask for further explanations.
– No matter which answers you get, you alone decide how you want to deal with the answers.
– All information I receive from you and about you will be kept strictly confidential.
– I read your Akasha Chronic personally, by phone or Skype.
– a reading lasts approx. 60-75 minutes including a short pre- and post-meeting

An Akasha reading is a healing and very clarifying experience. It brings orientation and is help for self-help. It connects you with your heart and soul.



A reading can be arranged personally, by phone, or via Zoom in english or german
A reading 60-75 minutes costs : 350,-€