Holistic Massage Therapy with Elke

Holistic Massage Therapy is an integrative method of healing that affects not only your physical level but also your emotional, spiritual and mental condition. The holistic massage therapy releases stress symptoms and toxins from the body and invites the mind to relax. You will feel calm but energized after a session.
The Holistic Massage Therapy is a synthesis of ayurvedic techniques, energywork, Marmamassage, Deep Tissue Massage, Joint releasing and Chakrabalancing.
Aromatic oils and spices support the releasing effect and benefit the physical and mental wellbeing.


Experience a massage that touches body and soul: Thai Yoga Bodywork Massage releases physical, energetic and emotional blockages and contributes to a comprehensive sense of well-being. This form of bodywork is not associated with any effort for both the giver and the receiver. So it is possible to feel deeply relaxed as after a yoga class – without having to be physically active. Thai yoga bodywork massages are given on the floor (on a large shiatsu mat) in the dressed state (e.g., light sportswear) without the use of oil.Men and women are welcomed to experience this treatment.

Ayurvedic Massage


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