Balaiana Heaven is a Holistic Massage Therapy, an integrative method of healing that affects not only your physical level but also your emotional, spiritual and mental condition. The holistic massage therapy releases stress symptoms and toxins from the body and invites the mind to relax. You will feel calm but energized after a session.
The Holistic Massage Therapy is a synthesis of ayurvedic techniques, energywork, Marmamassage, Deep Tissue Massage, Joint releasing and Chakrabalancing.
Aromatic oils and spices support the releasing effect and benefit the physical and mental wellbeing.
The Holistic Massage Therapy recognizes you as a whole being, a unity, it´s a sensitive treatment from the heart that is done with awareness for your individual needs.

The Godess-Treatment begins with purifying and detoxifying Srub, which softens the skin und is the ideal preperation for the oiltreatment afterwords. It is followed by the MAYA VAYU MASSAGE. Maya Vayu is an authentic shamanic massage, an ancient healing art. It combines the cosmic and earthly energies and aims to balance the system on all levels: the physical, the mental, emotional and spiritual. It is a blend of techniques that especially contribute to the well-being of the abdominal area. This area is often disturbed, causing disorders of the digestive system, skin problems and the formation of cellulite. This massage will drain bodily fluids and aid their circulation. It also relieves joints and muscles, restoring and balancing the body.The session concludes with an Ayurvedic facial beautytreatment- a Massage and Face Mask that hydrates and tones to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. My treatments follow the ayurvedic tradition and can only be booked by women.



75 Minutes


90 Minutes

Additional costs applied for treatment outside Balaiana Eco Retreat according to the distance

Holistic Massage Therapy


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