⫸ You want to change your life?

⫸ You’re tired of running into the same patterns over and over again?

⫸ You can’t listen to your negative self-talk anymore?

⫸ You want to start a new chapter in your life?

⫸ You desire to finally give space to your dreams?

⫸ Or you simply want to create a new balance between tension and relaxation in your everyday life?

It’s time to remove your limiting beliefs and set your wild heart free!

Are you ready to reveal your authentic self and release everything that is still holding you back?

Again and again in life there are situations that bring us out of balance, out of harmony. These can be crises or problems in our professional life, in our relationship or in our personal development. I am convinced that every person carries all the answers within and with the help of the right impulses can steer life in a positive direction. I trust in the inner wisdom of each person to be able to analyze their individual situation and find solutions to their problems.

Do you have the feeling that you have already tried everything, but still feel that something is blocking you? With the method of RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) we will go deeper and explore your subconscious. We will find the cause of your problems and suffering and transform them.

I always approach coaching and therapy from a mind-body-soul perspective, supporting you to tune back into your intuition and life force.

My mission is to help you overcome the stuckness and bring you back to a state of abundance.

✰ ✰ ✰ My unique rapid coaching process, which includes RTT, is designed to eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors and clear the path for a passionate, successful and fulfilling life.

I help you find your unique path and purpose in your career, health and relationships.

I invite you to start a love affair with life.

Since change requires courage, I meet you not only as a coach, but first and foremost as a human being.

My coaching areas are:

► Change processes

► Recognizing and living your purpose

► Building a “soulful business”.

► Relationship problems and intimacy

► Personal crises,

► Burnout prevention,

► Anxiety and panic attacks.

► Imposter syndrome

► Self-confidence and self-esteem

► Visibility blockages

► Healthy lifestyle

► Spiritual Coaching,



After a free initial consultation, we can determine the coaching format and scope on both sides.
You can choose whether you want to work with me on site in Sardinia and / or online via Zoom.