Thai Foot Reflexology Massage
with Iris

The Thai Foot Reflexology Massage works on our energy lines / meridians: The so-called Sen lines run through our body and end in the feet. The foot massage serves the unhindered flow of the vital energy. If the flow of thia energy is blocked for a long time, it causes discomfort in our body and soul. The Thai Foot Reflexology Massage can affect such blockages and helps to solve them and to harmonize the energetic system.

Although ‘just’ the feet (and lower leg) are massaged, the massage affects the entire organism, as the organs and regions of the entire body are connected by the Sen lines with the feet and end in the acupressure points of the sole, which are stimulated with a wooden massage stick. The treatment of the foot reflex zones regulates the internal organs and activates and harmonizes the flow of energy throughout the body. Mental and physical tension are reduced. The effect is equally relaxing and vitalizing.

The Thai foot massage can help:

stimulation of blood and lymph circulation
stimulation of self-regeneration and metabolism
relaxation for the body and mind
relaxation of the foot muscles
stimulation of the organs by the reflex zones / reflexology



90 Minutes

Additional costs applied for treatment outside Balaiana Eco Retreat according to the distance

Ayurvedic Massage


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